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  • Air conditioners in Israel

    Meeting the summer in Israel, many remember the sweltering heat, which sometimes interferes with work, full-fledged existence and rest in principle. Therefore, meet this season with dignity. And for this, buy air conditioners in Israel. This is the item for any room, without which it is impossible to imagine life in Israel. Today the installation of an air conditioner is so simple and affordable, especially if you contact our Siberia company.

The main directions in the company’s work are installation:

>> Air conditioners;

>> Floor heating systems.


We work with both individuals and corporate customers and contractors. To do this, we have provided an individual set of services that allows us to cooperate with companies of all forms of business, large trade and industrial enterprises and simply clients who want to get a pleasant microclimate in their premises in the most competent and high-quality way.


design of climatic systems of varying degrees of complexity;

provision of our own technical solutions within the framework of ensuring an artificial climate or joint development of a project;

installation of equipment in shopping and business centers, hypermarkets, enterprises, etc .;

subsequent maintenance of cooling systems within the framework of warranty and service maintenance of the installed equipment;

we approach each order individually;

we carry out all types of work in accordance with the pre-agreed requirements, the amount and terms, which allows the specialists of the Siberia company to gain long-term trust;

the company has an officially working staff, which is sufficiently staffed to work smoothly with all clients. These are highly qualified assembly teams. In addition, specialized equipment is used in full for all types of work.

In order for high-quality cooling equipment to work in your premises for a single year, we have worked hard to present only the best air conditioners of world brands that work flawlessly. We give certificates for all products.

Order air conditioners in Israel by contacting our company. Then summer will become your favorite time of the year, and the heat will be a light reminder of summer!

“Sibir – Ideal air for a wonderful life”

Sibir Air Conditioning Systems

Sibir Air Conditioning Systems We work with private and business clients – architects and contractors.

Sibir Air Conditioning Systems provides a range of services that enable cooperation such as, with large commercial and industrial companies as well as customers who want to enjoy pleasant air in a residence.

25 years experience

We have over 25 years of experience in the design, installation and adjustment of air conditioning systems for both private and institutional customers. We believe in quality work and guarantee excellent service to all our customers.

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