Cost-effective air condition systems for your company

Modern furniture and decent salary are not enough for fruitful work in any field. Working in unbearable exhausting environment can be a trial for your workers and a real problem on the way to effective work. This is very important in Israel where it is hot almost all year round. But you can easily solve this problem by installing cost-effective air condition systems. And SIBIR company will help you to do this. We work throughout Israel. Today we have upgraded

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Air conditioner engineering for new buildings.

Nowadays when people buy flats in new buildings they want them to be turn-key ready. They don’t want to waste time on setting up and want it to be ready before moving to their new house. Here we also speak about air condition systems. Can you imagine a new flat in Israel without air-cooling systems? It’s nonsense! As a general rule the construction of new building is accompanied by air condition installation. However it is rather meticulous work that requires

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Air conditioners for private accommodation

Every person wants to feel comfortable in any weather and forget about exhausting heat at home. It directly shows us that you can hardly live in Israel without your own air condition system. It is not a luxurious product but a keen necessity here to survive. When you have pleasant mild microclimate you can enjoy weekends with your family at home and relax after hard working day. And for sure it directly influences your health that is of the utmost

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Sibir Air Conditioning Systems

Sibir Air Conditioning Systems We work with private and business clients – architects and contractors.

Sibir Air Conditioning Systems provides a range of services that enable cooperation such as, with large commercial and industrial companies as well as customers who want to enjoy pleasant air in a residence.

25 years experience

We have over 25 years of experience in the design, installation and adjustment of air conditioning systems for both private and institutional customers. We believe in quality work and guarantee excellent service to all our customers.


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