Air conditioner engineering for new buildings.

Nowadays when people buy flats in new buildings they want them to be turn-key ready. They don’t want to waste time on setting up and want it to be ready before moving to their new house. Here we also speak about air condition systems. Can you imagine a new flat in Israel without air-cooling systems? It’s nonsense! As a general rule the construction of new building is accompanied by air condition installation. However it is rather meticulous work that requires professionalism. SIBIR company offers you a wide spectrum of services in climate system installations.

What can be the first step in this work? First and foremost we talk about air condition project design for new buildings. This important stage will influence our further work: to choose a type of an air conditioner, a type of installation and its compatibility with inner design and clients’ desire.

Our company offers:

  • Excellent work of highly-skilled specialists during the whole process of cooperation – we have best top-managers, designers and installation staff;
  • The installation can be fulfilled on any stage of building construction;
  • Various contract duration ( short-term, long-term);
  • Objective evaluation of future work;
  • Exact project development due to clients requirements with the help of specialists;
  • The ability to work with various order volumes;
  • Responsible control of all the work stages due to the time limits and financial abilities;
  • We offer guaranties on all kinds of the work.


We perform air condition projects for new buildings throughout Israel and work with construction companies and contractors from different regions. The only thing you need is to call SIBIR and ask about the details you are interested in. We can offer you exactly what you need. Work with SIBIR and you will forget about exhausting heat and will love summer forever!

סיביר מערכות מיזוג אויר

אנו עובדים עם לקוחות פרטיים ועסקיים – אדריכלים וקבלנים. סיביר מערכות מיזוג אויר מספקת מכלול שירותים המאפשרים שיתוף פעולה כגון, עם חברות מסחריות ותעשייתיות גדולות וגם לקוחות שרוצים ליהנות מאוויר נעים במקום מגורים.

25 שנה ניסיון

יש לנו ניסיון של למעלה מ- 25 שנים של תכנון, התקנה והתאמה של מערכות מיזוג אויר הן ללקוחות פרטיים והן ללקוחות מוסדיים. אנו מאמינים בעבודה איכותית ומבטיחים שירות מעולה לכלל הלקוחות שלנו.
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