Air conditioners for private accommodation

Every person wants to feel comfortable in any weather and forget about exhausting heat at home. It directly shows us that you can hardly live in Israel without your own air condition system. It is not a luxurious product but a keen necessity here to survive. When you have pleasant mild microclimate you can enjoy weekends with your family at home and relax after hard working day. And for sure it directly influences your health that is of the utmost importance!

Today  SIBIR company offers you air conditioners for private accommodation.

Our clients get the following services:

  • Professional consultation from our specialists in the question of air conditioner choice;
  • Individual project for air condition installation;
  • Budget calculation due to clients desires and demands;
  • Engineer visits the place of installation and makes accurate measurements;
  • The installation of the equipment is in time by our highly-skilled brigades.

Our company has been working for many years in this field. We give to our customers high level of service and guaranty. We can install climate systems of any complexity, sizes and design.

Due to our high quality professional work performance our brigades always install air conditioners in time all year round. Moreover our price forming policy is rather attractive. SIBIR company can guarantee not only favorable pricing but also the equipment of high quality. These are the most important reasons for you to order our climate systems!

If you believe that air conditioner is as important as fresh air you should definitely call us and make an order. Enjoy your life with us!

סיביר מערכות מיזוג אויר

אנו עובדים עם לקוחות פרטיים ועסקיים – אדריכלים וקבלנים. סיביר מערכות מיזוג אויר מספקת מכלול שירותים המאפשרים שיתוף פעולה כגון, עם חברות מסחריות ותעשייתיות גדולות וגם לקוחות שרוצים ליהנות מאוויר נעים במקום מגורים.

25 שנה ניסיון

יש לנו ניסיון של למעלה מ- 25 שנים של תכנון, התקנה והתאמה של מערכות מיזוג אויר הן ללקוחות פרטיים והן ללקוחות מוסדיים. אנו מאמינים בעבודה איכותית ומבטיחים שירות מעולה לכלל הלקוחות שלנו.
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